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Freundliches Gespräch
Image by Artem Beliaikin

Factory sales


Come and have a look!

You will find the entire range of sun protection products, as well as insect protection frames and doors.

Make an appointment and we will come out and take the measurements so that we can make you a non-binding offer.

You can install it yourself or we can do it for you.

Opening times usually

Mon - Fri   9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m

Or order directly in our shop:

Object Solutions


Do you work in property planning and need expert support when it comes to internal sun, privacy and glare protection?

We are at your side with advice and action.

Our systems
- the bottom-up electric blind  
  E-motion  and
- the manual louvered blind Juun25

comply with all legal Demands like no other system. Workplace guideline (DIN 5035, part 7, paragraph 4.3) 

EU Directive 90/270 EEC

ArbSchG (Occupational Health and Safety Act)

EN 29241 "Ergonomic requirements for office activities with display screens


In addition, we also supply standard blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds, whatever you specify.


This is how you reach us

Being Partners

Are you interested in our products and a collaboration? You can buy components of our products and produce them under license for your market. We support you with know-how and manufacturing equipment.

What can you expect?

Our portfolio includes the entire range of standard sun protection solutions

We have various manufacturers in our program who offer high-quality goods at a reasonable price. This enables us to respond to a wide range of customer requests. In the regional environment we offer our customers a free measuring service and assembly. In the project business we are on the move throughout Germany.

Our own developments are very special.

Here you can find what you won't find anywhere else. Our Juun25 slat pleated blind is the perfect combination of pleated blind and venetian blind. The electric E-motion bottom-up blinds has been setting standards in the field of interior design with glass partition walls for years and is now also available for adaptation to the window. In addition, there are our 12 VDC external and internal blinds Star 35 and Star 50 on request with battery and solar power.

Our new Adhesive Holder F is now available in series. It can be used for conventional pleated blinds and Juun25. The high-quality combination of stainless steel and plastic holds securely on plastic windows, seals remain unaffected and the cord tension can be adjusted. And if you want to renovate, the curtain can be easily detached and easily hung up again when the work is done. 



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Our different thinking has consequences. We create products that did not exist before. It's not about doing everything differently, it's just about getting better.

Our vision

When using our products, we want everyone to experience the joy that we put into creating them.

Our mission

Umbratec puts its energy into the development of products that create a clear advantage over existing solutions.


A. Neunaber

W. Schönbohm

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