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Cosiflor Pleated Blinds
gelbe Plissees in einem Wohnzimmer

There is no internal privacy and glare protection that can adapt better to your window shape than the Cosiflor brand, as a leading supplier of pleated blind systems, has developed a large number of shapes and attachments. With over 550 different fabrics, you will always find a great solution for your windows.

The standard application VS2 for "normal" windows, where you can simply move your pleated blind from above or below, can be found in our shop. All other variants require more advice, more precise measurement and somewhat more complex assembly.


35 variants and each adapted to your window

Here you can find all pleated fabrics
Here you will find all honeycomb fabrics
mounting variants

Klemmhalter C

for window sash

The holder is attached to the window sash rebate with a screw clamp. The Cosiflor standard holder is screwed onto the clamp holder C. Application on the south facade to avoid thermal glass breakage due to the larger distance to the Scheibe 

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